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Personal Social Responsibility
by Arvind Devalia

Personal Social Responsibility

Arvind is a speaker and coach who helps people to lead happier lives and make the world a better place. Most of his work is with personal development and when he combined this with his knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility he came up with PSR: Personal Social Responsibility. It’s about taking personal responsibility for the actions within a corporate body. It’s all too easy to assume the system will take care of everything. In reality it’s the actions of the component parts of the corporation that make the difference.

His book was based upon a simple concept of a workbook that asks all the pertinent questions about a corporations interaction with people and the environment. The idea is that the reader provides the answers by answering the soul-searching questions in the book.

We used the image of a hand that contained the Earth and was responsible for sprouting new life. The green colour may well be an obvious choice, but it was chosen because it complimented Arvind’s main brand which uses a lot or orange. You don’t want to create a product that is lost amongst a pre-existing brand.

The book proved to be a hit with Arvind’s intended audience and it helped him expand his offering, making it much clearer that personal development plays a large role with much wider consequences in big business than is usually accepted.

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