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Printing, Production
and Video

The printing and production of items is obviously outside the standard programme price as we won’t know exactly what items will be needed just yet. So any production cost will be external to my prices.

Print-on-demand books can be ordered 1 book at a time, or 50. The unit cost may be slightly higher than if you ordered 2000+ from a local printer but helps cashflow and there’s no ned for storage as you order as and when you need. Average book price per unit is around £3 to £5 depending on size, page count and order size.

Here are typical prices for some other obvious items that may be needed to promote the brand of the book (all prices plus VAT):

• 500 business cards, full colour, two sided, matt laminated (like mine): £120
• 1000 sheets of headed paper: £195
• 1000 compliment slips: £110
• 500 A6 postcards, 2 sided, colour, matt laminated: £185
• 2m roller banner: £150
• Digitally printed 2-sided A4 sheets: around 80p each, depends on numbers

As part of the process the book will be provided to you as a pdf file as well as the print-ready version. This pdf can be emailed and put as a download on your website. Creating a ‘new age’
e-book, also known as an i-books is a different process. It involves creating an ePub file of the book which allows the user to install it on iPad and Kindle readers where they can change the fonts and sixe of the text. It’s a different process to the layout of the physical book which we
can discuss.

We can help create any elements needed for a promotional video, for example graphics for title sequences for promotional videos or programmes. Everything needs to be branded.
We can edit short films if needed to create video stings. You can see some here:

To promote Rod Sloane’s book:

To promote Richard McCann’s speakers bootcamp:

To promote the Professional Speakers Association:

Testimonials for Ayd Instone's book writing course:


Promo for Ayd Instone's book writing course:

To promote Graham Davies book:

As part of the branding programme, I will create the elements needed to ‘skin’ a website constructed by your choice of web developer if needed, plus the images of the book needed to sell it.

Call us today on +44(0)1865 779944 to discuss how we can turn your expertise into a brand or create a book with selling power.

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