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Coaches, consultants, speakers and business owners:
Time to start writing your book

1 Day event: 1st June 2012
Holiday Inn, Hemel Hempstead • 10.00am - 4.30pm

It’s the 21st century’s greatest democratisation. Thanks to the internet, low cost digital printing and the rise of our entreprenurial and creative mindset, everyone can be an author, if they so wish.

A book is the greatest, most magical marketing and expert positioning tool.

And yet you still haven’t got one. You’ve got ideas for one, scraps of writing you’ve collected over the years, blog articles and essays, case studies perhaps.

And yet you still haven’t got a book...

Lets bust a few myths:
“It’s going to take ages.”
“It’s going to be hard work.”
“It’s going to be complicated and confusing.”
“I’m not a good enough writer”

Rubbish! You can safely forget about those. They’re simply not true and I can show you the evidence to prove it.

So why haven’t you written your book?

Perhaps you just can’t seem to find the time. You’ve written scraps of text, blog articles, some case studies. You started it but lost impetus. It seems like such a big task to revisit and edit all that text and put it into shape.

You might have got a great idea for your book, but that’s all. Perhaps even a number of ideas. Or a really big all-encompassing idea for an entire series of books and products. A whole brand that’s going to transform your industry. But it’s all too much. Too many ideas, it all seems too complicated. Where do you start?

Or you may just have the feeling that a book is a great idea (it is). But what could you possibly write about? Perhaps you feel you’ve got the one industry where there can’t be a book written about.

Perhaps you think you can’t even write. You’re just not that good with words. Maybe it doesn’t feel like a strength and self doubt creeps in...

Look, forget all that rot. We can fix all that, easily.

All you need to do is come along to this one day event and we’ll sort all those issues out.

Right there in the room.

The Kudos Effect:
Time to start writing your brilliant book

I’ve worked with over 30 authors in the past couple of years, helping them overcome their individual barriers to getting their books done and out there working for them. It’s such fun.

Too many people have come to me and asked for a system that motivates, inspires and most importantly of all, gets a book started, finished and published at a high quality for me to ignore them any longer.

So I’ve collected all that information and turned it into a straightforward system that will help you get you started on writing you book, with the concept and the chapters planned out.

Will you join me on May 4th 2012 for one day that will transform your business by giving you a clear path to getting your expertise published.

This is no lecture. This is a practical seminar where you work on defining your story, your information, your angle that you can productise and monetise it just like these authors:

Bedlam BoardroomRead the story here

Improv John Cremer
Read the story here

Business SOS Paul Avins
Read the story here


Conversational Riffs Neil Denny


Read the story here

We'll identify and extract the one thing that you already have within you that could be making you lots of money, and we'll get to work on making it real.

Join me for this 1 Day event: 1st June 2012
Holiday Inn, Hemel Hempstead • 10.00am - 4.30pm

We will cover:

• How to decide upon the right idea

• How to come up with and structure with compelling chapters

• What to include, what not to include

• How to create a great title

• How, when, where to write

• How to give your writing power and punch

• The formula for a winning book

• Techniques to begin, continue and finish your writing


Watch this presentation on being Unique by Ayd Instone:


Sunmakers helps you with designing and publishing your business book.


Here's a video trailer for a new book for one of our authors:


As an expert, a consultant, coach, speaker, trainer or other professional service provider, you undoubtedly know your stuff. You're probably very good at one-to-one selling. But what happens when you leave the room? What do you leave behind?

You need a book! You need your expertise to be available for your clients to buy.

What are you waiting for?

The Kudos Effect:
Time to start writing your brilliant book

1 Day event: 1st June 2012
Holiday Inn, Hemel Hempstead • 10.00am - 4.30pm

Any questions? call Ayd Instone on +44(0)1865 779944 now.


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